Five Feet Two and Jeans

by averytwist

You know how you always have that pair of jeans that is always too long and ends up scooping up mud and dirt where ever you go? Or that pair of jeans where you have to fold the bottom into cuffs but end up looking like bell jar pants? 

I’ve been suffering from that predicament my entire life. Not only am I only five feet two, I have short legs. How I wish I had long legs. Now, the logical decision would be to wear heels with my jeans or go with that trend of having your jeans drape entirely over your shoes. Here are some examples of what I mean:


Curated from Erin McDermott (left) and Washingtonian (right).

In both styles, I’d have to wear heels (since I don’t have the longest legs in the world) and there are just those days where I want to slob around and wear flats or sandals. I have a very raggedy pair of Charles and Keith flats that are just too comfortable to give up.  

So, after much deliberation, I decided that I would try hemming my jeans. A while back, I found this great three step tutorial for hemming jeans. It was great because it boasted that it would be easy for beginner seamstresses (that’s me!) and it was absolutely amazing. It was so simple and easy and was ultimately foolproof. Because of how you are sewing on the fold (that will remain hidden), you can barely see a seam unless you look very, very closely.

My first try was with my favourite pair of Levi’s (from a thrift store) and it turned out exactly as I had wanted to. Although, it was slightly longer than I wanted it to be (because I wasn’t careful when holding the fold in place during sewing), it would no longer help the road cleaners sweep up the dirt. And I didn’t have to bother with cuffs any more! 

I wish I had pictures but it totally slipped my mind. Now that I know this hemming is successful, I’ll take pictures on the next pair of jeans I hem to show you how it’s done. I can’t wait to hem all of my pants/jeans!