Seeing Double…Or Quadruple

by averytwist

Have you ever heard of the winged tote? If you have not, here’s what I mean:

Topshop Winged Tote

Topshop Winged Tote. Curated from Nordstrom.

I have been obsessed ever since I saw River Island’s take on it. Recently, I was on Net-A-Porter (of course) and I wanted to stab my screen with a coloured sharpie. So, far I have seen four brands release the same exact design. I am not talking about an exact copy but a repetitive template. Okay, fine, one may be quilted and another is made of pure crocodile skin (I’m kidding) but it’s essentially the same thing. It’s the same cream/white body with black wings. (I’ve even encountered the colours vice versa.) I may not be a designer or be very knowledgeable about the industry but to regular people like me, it looks like this:

[The following scenario is high exaggerated.]

Brand A: I heard that Brand B is putting that winged tote on the market! Quick! We can’t let them beat us. We’ve been working on this for months! Tell Jenna to hurry on up! People will definitely buy ours! We’re an international fashion house with a big following! Our sales will definitely be the best!

Brand C: I hear Brand A is releasing some winged tote. It will definitely become a trend. But how am I to be different? I know! I’ll add some really expensive material to it like Kobe cow leather and some crocodile skin (again, I kid). We’re the most famous brand. We will definitely get the most sales.

Brand B: Let’s make it white and black. The simple contrast goes well with anything!

Brand A and C: Let’s not change the colours! Black and white is so classic and chic.

Honestly, why would anyone want to buy essentially the same bag more than once?

Chloe The Alison Leather Tote

Chloé “The Alison Leather Tote”, curated from Net-A-Porter


Chloé’s creamblack and white ‘Alison’ tote is a sleek update of the brand’s popular ‘Alice’ style. We love the uncomplicated, clean-lined design and minimal hardware. This spacious carryall is unlined for a cool, relaxed finish – team yours with neutral tones to channel the label’s feminine spirit.

Michael Kors Miranda Two-Tone Leather Tote

Michael Kors “Miranda Two-Tone Leather Tote”, Curated from Net-A-Porter


Michael Kors’ spacious ‘Miranda’ tote is ideal for everyday use. In a timeless combination of white and quilted black leather, this bag will hold everything from your tablet to makeup case. Carry it against a polished monochrome outfit.

River Island Cream Quilted Panelled Tote Bag

River Island Cream Quilted Panelled Tote, Curated from

Description: Unavailable

Fiorelli Kay Francis Winged Tote Bag

Fiorelli Kay Francis  Winged Tote Bag, Curated from ASOS

Description: Unavailable

Despite everything, I’d still end up buying the River Island one. It was love at first sight.